We take great pride in the quality services that we offer.

Whatever your vision is, the goal of Frisco Faux Creations is to make that vision come true before your own eyes. 

In order to complete the job to its utmost potential, we are capable of doing various interior design techniques.


We can do any painting job, and we always use two coats of paint for a strong, lasting finish.

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We offer painting for the interior or exterior of your property, and do accent walls and even unique metallic colors for a modern finish. Contact us for a fast and free quote.


Venetian Plaster has strong roots in Italy and has recently found its way into elegant US homes.  Since Venetian Plaster can be tinted in many colors, different moods can be obtained by going into light or dark schemes of colors.

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It is usually applied in extremely thin layers through two or three coats. Each one of the coats has a different shade of the same color so that a variation of colors can be seen. This gives the room a rich and unique appearance as well as a beautiful old world look. It is found in many fine hotels, exquisite restaurants, and elegant homes. A special wax makes it water resistant and therefore cleanable. Suitable for high traffic areas, Venetian Plaster is not only beautiful but also strong enough to withhold every day use.


Faux techniques can be used in many different ways – to age, change a color, give more depth, or just to simulate an object or wall. We use clean, current faux & glazing techniques to create elegant finishes.

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Faux finishing lets out the artist’s creative side as he/she can touch up on different surfaces to create a new look. Historically, used in France, it has emerged as a new art form in many elegant homes in the United States within the last couple of years.

We have over 15 years experience in order to do the job right.

There are no shortcuts with Frisco Faux Creations, because Adem does the job personally.

We do not use local contractors who often look to finish the job as quickly as possible so they can move on to the next project.


With a special stone texture material, bricks or stones can be used to give the walls a new look. This technique can create various bricks or stones with different looks.

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Based on the look of the outside brick, the same brick can be designed inside, giving the house a rich and aged European look. Contact us for ideas and a free estimate.


Wall texture can be applied light, medium or heavy depending on preference. Every texture is uniquely created by hand with the ability to go smooth for a modern feel or rough for an Old World finish.

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Meet with us and we can showcase different types of wall textures. Depending on the look you are going for, we will make suggestions to give you best look utilizing the proper wall texture. Contact us for a fast and free quote.


If your cabinets don’t seem to fit the look of your kitchen, we can refinish them by staining, painting, or even antique glazing the cabinets for a custom finish. Don’t waste money replacing your cabinets – refinish.

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Furniture restoration can be used to bring life back to furniture.  Whether you would like to make your furniture look older or newer, this technique will do the job.  If your cabinets don’t seem to fit the look of your kitchen, furniture restoration can give your cabinets a new custom look that you’ve always wanted.

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